A Little Bit About Me

My ideal world would be one with the constant smiling of really cute babies, no such thing as venomous snakes (because snakes are so cute and I want to be able to love all of them), where I’m not allergic to chocolate, where I can eat whatever I want and gain zero weight, where they have invented an implant in my mind that intakes what kind of music I like and plays it at the snap of a finger (literally), and one where there is no such thing as judgement or hate … Unlikely, but a girl can dream, right?

I, DeeAnna Rollins in case you missed that from the URL, am an aspiring (and really hard working, I promise) young journalist. Currently I “work” for Post Media as a Community Layout Editor.

(See my resume here)

I am a blogger, soon to be vlogger, a poet, a photographer, videographer, server, journalist, musician, selfie taker, hair dyer, glasses wearer, line dancer and dog owner.

Enjoy some photos of me and my things.